Souzan Michael
Updated Apr 05, 2019 @ 3:12 pm
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Loey Lane
Credit: Courtesy of Love AnyBody

The body-positive YouTuber Loey Lane has long been on our must-follow list, thanks to her unique mix of spooky, paranormal explainers and plus-size fashion videos. Which is why we were so excited to learn that Lane has branched out and launched her very own line of body care products, made specifically for plus-sized women, though really anyone can use them.

“I’m thrilled to introduce Love AnyBody, a beauty brand I developed as a response to the lack of body positive skincare products available,” said Lane in a statement. “I wanted to create a line that protects and cares for your body, whether helping to avoid chafing or soothing uncomfortable stretch marks, things we all deal with. Creating Love AnyBody felt like a natural next step for me since I’ve dedicated my life to spreading a positive message of self-love and to helping people understand that all bodies are beautiful,” said Lane.

Credit: Courtesy of Love AnyBody

Lane’s line, Love AnyBody, features four products—two anti-chafe products, and two targeted toward stretch marks. Yes, you read that right. Why would a body-positive YouTuber launch stretch mark cream? We reached out to Lane to find out.

Credit: Courtesy of Love AnyBody
Credit: Courtesy of Love AnyBody

So if you’re dealing with stretch marks that happen to be itchy or painful, or you want some relief from chafing (especially come summer), Lane’s Love AnyBody products, which are all under $11, btw, are now available online and in 500 Target stores nationwide.

Check out the Love AnyBody line below.

Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Stick

Perfect to throw in your purse on hot, sticky summer days.

Love AnyBody Stretch Mark Serum

Packed with Jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E, this serum works to soften dry, painful stretch marks.

Love AnyBody Stretch Mark Cream

Hyaluronic acid and squalane make this ultra-hydrating cream a must-have.

Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Ointment

Lactic acid gently exfoliates skin, while coconut oil and squalane do their job to hydrate the area.