Bronwyn Isaac
Updated September 09, 2016 12:31 pm
Twitter / Ashley Elizabeth

Kylie Jenner’s dedication to creativity in cosmetics is hard to beat, but one hilarious fan may have topped the queen herself when she showed the internet how the Kylie Lip Kit matches a hickey, and sure enough, the accuracy of the swatch is creepily undeniable. Kylie Lip Kit fan Ashley Elizabeth sent a tweet Friday morning that showcased her impressive hickey next to a tube of the appropriately-named “Love Bite” lipstick, and the colors match perfectly! It’s no surprise that fans have been drooling ever since Jenner released her newest lip kit last month, however, we doubt Jenner predicted that the lip kit would have fans literally eating each other up!

This hilarious (and possibly painful) swatch perfectly lives up to the name Love Bite!

While Ashley Elizabeth certainly isn’t the only fan to tweet her love and dedication to the newest Kylie Lip Kit, her creativity immediately makes her a top-contending fan.

Her bizarrely gorgeous shade of hickey only confirms that beauty is PAIN.


In a similar but less painful show of dedication to Jenner, another woman applied 100 layers of Kylie Lip Kit through a truly unique marriage of Youtube performance art and beauty blogging, using the Candy K lip shade for her stunt.

Naturally, this leaves us wondering who else will find themselves creatively inspired by the Kylie Lip Kit! Will it be you?