lisa f
Credit: zachzenga/Instagram

Despite the fact that the ’90s are (sadly) over, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring some of our favorite parts of the brightly colored past into our present day beauty choices. You remember your favorite school folder that gave you a bright little pep in your step when you were drudging through early morning classes?

Well, now you can take your love for that school supply to the next level.

You actually transform into the technicolor leopard yourself.

That’s at least what makeup artist Zach Zenga is allowing us to do by creating a quick an easy tutorial that shows how you can wear your favorite Lisa Frank styles on your face. The tutorial was featured on LiveGlam’s Instagram page, which has a ton of helpful hints and inspiring ideas for all sorts of glamorous and playful makeup choices.

This fun and simple tutorial (complete with a glittery makeup case covered in Lisa Frank stickers) is set perfectly to Katy Perry’s “Roar” and shows several easy-to-follow steps to transforming yourself into the neon rainbow leopard of your childhood dreams.

From the looks of it, you just need a steady hand, a mirror, and tons of brightly color makeup options from all shades of the rainbow.


If, of course, dressing up like a Lisa Frank leopard is a little too much for every day life (which is totally understandable), it’s at least a perfectly timed tutorial in case you feel like sporting your favorite throwback style this Halloween.

Let’s be real, you can *always* find a reason to look like Lisa Frank if you really want to (and we all secretly really want to).