Stephanie Hallett
February 24, 2017 4:47 pm

When wearing lipstick, most of us try to avoid smooching our lovers too heavily to keep our perfectly painted pouts intact. But there’s good (?) news for anyone who loves to wear lipstick and make out: This new makeup trend embraces the post-snog-fest look, and even makes it high-fashion.

Created by influential and offbeat makeup artist Val Garland — you might know her as the woman who made Lady Gaga look like a high-fashion alien on the cover of her Born This Way album — the “snogged lips” look was most recently seen on the Preen fall 2017 runway at London Fashion Week earlier this month.

To create the undeniably raunchy look, Cosmo reports that Garland took a MAC Lip Mix cream and brushed it out around the edges, then added a layer of super-shiny gloss over top within the lip line.

As Garland told Fashion Unfiltered, “It’s all about a club-empowered woman. If she wants to kiss a boy, she’s going to kiss a boy and be powerful enough to wear the look afterwards — there is no walk of shame!”

While we’re all about rocking an empowered look — and HELL YES to no walk of shame — we’re not quite sure how this particular trend would translate to everyday life. Luckily, a reporter from Britain’s Look magazine took “snogged lips” for a test run in public recently, and got some pretty definitive answers.

From “It’s not really very classy” to “I can’t imagine anyone wanting smudged lips,” we can safely say “snogged lips” didn’t go over well with ~regular~ people. Alas! Perhaps this look is destined to remain on the catwalk only. And we’re pretty okay with that!