Zara H
January 13, 2017 5:32 pm
Guwamo Shop /

Remember when lipstick used to come packaged exclusively in bullet-shaped applicators? Lol, yeah. Those days are long gone. Now lipstick comes in just every form imaginable: in liquid, inside pots, in gloss form, as stains…the list goes on, but it ain’t over yet. There’s a new lipstick in town and it’s — wait for it — in powder form. The future is now!

The first powdered product we’ve seen comes from Korea — it’s by a brand called RiRe Cosmetics and it appears to be a finely-milled formula that applies surprisingly smoothly to the lips, at least if product images on the item’s Amazon listing are any indication.


While Amazon reviews for the product are sort of a mixed bag — users have called out its messy nature and dry texture — Buzzfeed had plenty of praise for the powder. According to a writer for the site, the products liquify when they hit your lips and have impressive staying power. 


Watch the HelloGiggles staff play with the powder below:

The lip powder comes in a few shades, which all look super vibrant, bold and perfect for the summer. Will you be giving this weird (in a good way!) new formula a try? It only costs $6 a pop, so it might be worth it for the cool factor alone!