Lauren Saccone
April 16, 2017 12:53 pm
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There’s no doubt about it: lip glosses are back in a big way. Those sticky splashes of color from your middle school years have made a huge comeback. Sure, lipstick will always be in style (and an essential part of any respectable makeup collection). But lip glosses have returned to high fashion and hot style, and we’re thrilled.

There’s something fun and relaxed about lip glosses in a way that the more mature and adult-like lipstick just can’t imitate. And the best part is that science has come a long way since your awkward middle school dances, meaning these products last longer and moisturize better than ever before. Plus, your favorite middle-school brands have kept pace, evolving their lip gloss game for the modern age.

So go ahead, grab a few different lippies from the nostalgic list below, and relive the best part of your ’90s-girl beauty routine.

Lip Smackers “Coconut Ice” Lip Gloss

Lip Smackers

A middle-school classic, Lip Smackers was practically every girl’s go-to lip gloss back in the day. Get this updated version of your long-ago fave here, for $4.

Bonne Bell Liquid Lip Gloss in “Watermelon”

The Online Drug Store

A true throwback, this flavor and texture combination will have you closing your eyes and slow dancing (with yourself) to K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life” in no time. Get it here for $2.64.

Lancome “Juicy Tubes” Lip Gloss


You loved Lancome’s Juicy Tubes way back when, right? Well, they’re still around! They’ve just had a facelift. Get this product here, for $19.

N.Y.C. “Liquid Lipshine” Lip Gloss


It’s not exactly the roll-on gloss of yesteryear, but this N.Y.C. lippie will have you pouting for selfies in no time. Get it here for $4.51.

Maybelline “Baby Lips” Moisturizing Lip Gloss


Remember Maybelline’s Kissing Koolers from the ’90s? The brand’s Baby Lips line is like a way better version. Try it now if you haven’t already jumped on board with this trend! Get it here for $4.49.