Lily Collins
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

It’s been many years since the glory days when roll-on glitter tubes adorned our bathroom sinks, and when we would unabashedly smother on our faces in glitter before a trip to the mall.

Now, Lily Collins is bringing the sparkle back (albeit in a less sticky manner!) with an amazing glitter eye look that we love. She posted a photo to Instagram from a recent photoshoot with DuJour Magazine that proves that you’re never too old to put glitter on your eyes. That gold hue looks so glamorous set against her signature bold, natural brows. She wrote:

Lily is no stranger to the glittery eye look. Earlier this year, she posted a photo of her glitzy eyes from an event with the caption:

We can relate to that hashtag so hard. Celebrities make beauty messes too!

Still, we’re so in love with Lily’s golden, glittery eye makeup that we’re pretty sure it’s worth the mess!