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Lea Michele is one of the realest celebs out there. She’s vocally all for body positivity, a huge proponent of loving yourself (flaws and all), which she demonstrated with a recent stripped-down, gorgeous cover shoot for Women’s Health Magazine. She also spoke out against the media’s obsession with airbrushing women celebs — which she says sells an erroneous and dangerous ideal of female beauty — in an essay for The Daily Beast. Now, Michele is getting real about one of the beauty struggles many women face on a monthly or even weekly basis: facial waxing.

In a recent Snapchat, the former Glee songstress/actress shared several videos of her hair removal regimen, showing off her goofy sense of humor throughout the process.

First, the waxer sculpted the Scream Queens actress’ thick, enviable brows.

In the quick clip, Lea prepared herself for the waxing pain, noting that “this is going to hurt really bad” before her “waxing genius” ripped off the wax, causing Lea to yelp.

In a second video, said “waxing genius” moved on to remove the hair from Lea’s upper lip.

In the brief video, the waxer coated Lea’s upper lip while Lea joked, “This is the real beauty, you guys. This is what happens when you’re half Jewish, half Italian,” cracking herself up. LOL!

First of all, I’m hugely impressed that Lea even managed to hold her phone steady enough to Snap while getting waxed. That’s talent. It’s also super cool that Lea is being completely transparent about the reality behind what it takes to maintain a “Hollywood look.” Of course Lea is gorgeous, stylish, and impeccably put-together, but no one looks Photoshop-perfect naturally, all the time. It’s just not a reality. Lea is here to make sure you know that.

And a quick sidebar: Facial hair and body hair are obviously more than fine to keep. Plenty of women embrace their naturally fuzzy upper lips and other body parts, foregoing often-painful hair removal regiments, and the world hasn’t yet stopped turning! Though Lea is waxing, I don’t think that means she’s somehow going against her previous words about beauty and unrealistic beauty expectations in media. This is simply the world Lea lives in – it’s Hollywood. And unfortunately, it’s a world in which facial hair on women is virtually banished.

Unless, of course, you’re Tatiana Maslany, who straight-up refuses to wax her ‘stache for no reason and will only do it if the part she’s playing calls for it and it “makes sense” for the role.

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High-five, Tatiana! And high-five Lea, for opening up about The Struggle many women deal with in the name of beauty!