We’ve seen #NoFilter and #NoMakeup. Now brace yourself for the latest selfie trend: #AcneCream.

The trend started back in February when Lorde Instagramed this selfie rocking an acne treatment beard with the caption, “in bed in Paris with my acne cream on.”

Stars are just like us, you guys! But instead of the crisp white linens of a Parisian king size hotel bed, replace it with my crumb filled unmade bleach stained sheets and we’re pretty much the same person.

Next to embrace this trend was fashion maven and founder of Rookie, Tavi Gevinson. A few days ago Tavi posted a selfie with pink spots on her forehead and the caption, “highly recommend the new Yayoi Kusama they just installed on the upper Westside of my face.”

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist known for her signature use of polka dots. And no I’m not that cultured, I just googled it.

I love the idea of acne cream selfies. I’m beyond bored of #nofiliter and #nomakeup. I feel the use of those hashtags basically say, “Hey, I’m so good looking I don’t need the Hefe filter or bronzer, jealous?”

Yes. That’s why I’m ironically following you on Instagram.

Acne cream selfies feel a million times more authentic than any selfie trend that came before. Duck face, skinny arm, sparrow face, whatever you did on Selfie Sunday to have your friends say, “you look so much different in your selfies then you do in real life.”

#AcneCream is the ultimate, “I woke up like this.” It’s the courage to be who you are and embrace your flaws, while giving others the confidence to flaunt their imperfections . In our Photoshopped world, where everything feels airbrushed, filtered and plastic, it’s refreshing to see that public figures really are just like us.

I wish this was a thing when I was a teenager. I remember feeling like the world was over when I had a breakout. I remember trying my best to pop a zit or cover it up with my mom’s make-up, only to discover it now looked worse than before. To me having a pimple on my face was like the hormonal scarlet letter. This can probably be attributed to my addiction to the game Girl Talk. Remember that game where if you didn’t answer a question you had to wear a red zit sticker? So every time I got acne I thought it was because I did something wrong. I didn’t. It was just puberty.

I really hope acne cream selfies catch on. This trend makes me almost thrilled that I have a zit on my chin. That’s right, adult acne, jealous? Can’t wait to put on some of my Mario Badescu drying lotion and snap a selfie later. Care to join me?

Images via here and here.