You apply them under the lashes instead of on top.

Daley Quinn
Sep 15, 2020 @ 4:55 pm
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Credit: Daley Quinn, HelloGiggles

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If I’m being honest, there’s nothing that makes me feel more beautiful than wearing lash extensions. The feeling of waking up and looking glam and gorgeous is incomparable, and it’s truly amazing how much an extra set of lashes can change your whole look.

There’s no denying that I miss my regular lash lady like crazy, but since the pandemic began six months ago, I resorted back to my waterproof mascara again (I’ve been crying...a lot). Longing for my lash extensions but too afraid to head into a lash studio, I decided to give the Lashify Control Kit a go. My mascara was only good for a slight amount of volume and length, and I wanted more.

This summer wasn’t my first rodeo with Lashify; I’ve tried the at-home lash extension kit before and am always impressed with the results. The Lashify Control Kit comes with two sets of Gossamer lashes, a Fuse Control Wand (fancy tweezers to help you properly apply the lashes), Whisper Light Dual Sided Bond with Mixed Tips (the glue that helps lashes stay in place), and Glass (a special formula that helps extend the wear of your lashes). The Gossamer lashes come in many different lengths and looks, including an everyday pair, a bold pair, and a pair that have more of a curl to them than the others. 

Lashify Control Kit

Unlike clunky lash adhesive strips that are glued above your lash line, the Lashify lashes are meant to be glued underneath your lashes, which offers a more natural look. However, learning to apply the lashes does require a pretty solid learning curve; it took me multiple tries to get them on properly. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to easily apply your Lashify falsies in minutes.

First, you apply the glue to the underside of your lashes, close to the base. Then you use the wand to take each lash from its cartridge and apply each strip along the underside of your lash line. Once all the lashes are on, use the wand to “fuse” the Lashify lashes with your real lashes by pressing them against each other with the curved side of the wand. After that, use the Glass formula to get rid of any stickiness and residue and to help keep the lashes in place longer. 

Once you have them comfortably in place, you can use the Glass formula each day to help the lashes stay on just a bit longer. According to its website, Lashify lashes are designed to be worn for five to seven days, and based on my experience, I think that’s a pretty accurate timeline. If I apply them right, I can usually get them to last about four to five days with infrequent reapplications of the glue if I need it. Obviously, the Whisper Light glue isn’t as strong as the glue used by professional lash experts, so they won’t last nearly as long as professional lash extensions. 

Removing Lashify lashes is incredibly simple: You can either soak a cotton round in the Lashify Melt Away Gossamer Lash Remover or use micellar water to help take them off. All you have to do is gently press the soaked cotton round against your lashes for a few seconds and then gently slide the lashes off. Not only are they easy to remove, but Lashify lashes are a lot less damaging to your natural lashes than professional lash extensions are since the glue isn't as strong as the ones used in salons.

I love Lashify and think it’s worth the price for a night out or important event. Its lashes are made with premium Korean polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) silk, a high-quality material you won’t find at the drugstore. Thanks to the quality of these lashes, they look significantly more natural than a set of drugstore lash strips. Lastly, although the Lashify lashes were not designed to be re-used, many people do end up cleaning them and reapplying at a later date, making them worth the hefty price tag. Yes, professional lash extensions might be just a little more expensive and will last longer (usually six to eight weeks), but you can't reuse lash extensions like you can with these falsies. Plus, it takes one to two hours to get professional extensions, and it only takes a few minutes to apply Lashify.

All in all, it’s been helpful to have a nice lash kit to get me through the pandemic while most lash extension studios have been closed. Lashify has brought me a bit of normalcy throughout this rough, unexpected year, and I’m very grateful for that.