Lady Gaga never ceases to dazzle us with her avant-garde costumes, extravagant wigs, and awe-inspiring makeup. So, imagine how excited we are when we learned we can actually replicate Lady Gaga’s makeup from her current Joanne World Tour. (Yes, we — the Little Monsters — can rock out to her catchy tunes while painted up Gaga-style. That’s a perfect Sunday afternoon in our book.)

According to PeopleStyle, Lady Gaga’s long time makeup artist Sarah Tanno wanted to give Gaga a “fresh elevated glam” for her fifth headlining tour. So, she incorporated cat eyes, Swarovski crystals, and glitter. The effect is positively stunning! And we’re dying to know how we can give ourselves the same Lady Gaga glam.

Tanno told PeopleStyle that the eye makeup takes up to 45 minutes to apply.

However, it stays the same throughout the entire show. Tanno said she wanted to create a multi-dimensional look that has a dramatic effect on stage.

Wowza, that’s kinda intense. Swarovski crystals aren’t exactly something we keep in our makeup bags. We may have to find a more affordable alternative if we’re going to be glamming up Gaga-style. Perhaps a splotch of glitter?

As for Gaga’s lips, Tanno changes up the color and style throughout the concert.

She works closely with Gaga’s hairstylist and wig designer Frederic Aspiras on the perfect pout to match her glorious wigs. She loves the direction he’s taken this tour — peach, pink and turquoise. Once she saw his color palette, she knew her makeup choices would perfectly compliment the overall look.

Tanno said that she and Aspiras keep Gaga’s fans in mind at all times, because she knows they’ll want to recreate Gaga’s look.

And hey, we’re pretty sure we can substitute sequins for those Swarovski crystals!