kylie lip kit

Kylie Jenner’s die hard fans can always get the scoop on what she’s into as well as the latest news on Kylie Cosmetics over on her app, so you better believe we had our ears and eyes peeled during her latest live stream. Not only did she spill some secrets about some upcoming lip kits, but she’s got some pretty rad accessories coming our way!

Kylie showed us this stunning Pumpkin shade last week and we seriously cannot wait for it. Haters to the left, there can never be enough pumpkin ANYTHING!

She also revealed that she’s designed phone cases, because she knows what the people want!

Kylie, we need them now, please don’t make us wait tooooo long!

One of the more exciting developments was that she is releasing FOUR new lip kit shades on October 12th, a second Kyshadow palette is coming right after that, as well as a bunch of surprises headed our way for the holidays!

We’re screaming.

Kylie is building a veritable empire over at Kylie Cosmetics, and rolling out new products faster than anyone could have anticipated. It’s seriously impressive! She’s even building an honest-to-goodness Kylie Cosmetics factory and will be giving tours on her app in the near future.

Our favorite part of the live stream, though, was when Kylie gave us her reasoning against making the Smile lip kit a limited edition shade.

That just warms the cockles of our cold, dark hearts.

This is so much information to take in! So much to look forward to! We will definitely be refreshing our web browsers in anticipation for all the new goodies headed our way!