August 09, 2016 12:03 pm
Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Brands and celebs think they’re pretty clever when it comes to their “sneak peeks.” Little do they know that I’ve watched plenty of Law and Order and am MORE than capable of getting a fair amount of clues from even the blurriest, black-and-white-iest of pics. Last night Kylie previewed her new Kyshadow palette on Snapchat, disguising the colors with a grayscale filter.

Totally cool, Kylie. I have more than enough info from the pic even without the colors. First things first, it’s clear that several colors have a shimmery payoff and are most definitely metallics. It also appears that the palette will have a mirror inside which in my opinion should be the case for ALL PALETTES!

It only makes sense that the first run of Kyshadows would be classic Kylie shades, a dark brown, reddish brown, metallic grey, shimmery gold for tear ducts, and a pale shade for highlighting under brows.

Remember that super long Snapchat story where she broke down her entire makeup routine? I’d bet that pretty much everything she used will make it’s way into the Kylie Jenner beauty brand universe at some point.

All we have to do now is wait. There’s no set date for the Kyshadow palette launch but a restock of the bronzer palette will take place on August 12th.