Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 08, 2016 3:10 pm
Instagram / Kylie Cosmetics

Despite our undying love for her, Kylie Jenner loves to torture us. From blocking our ability to tell her how stunning she is on Insta (okay, there was a reason) to posting this recent photo of three new mystery lip colors, she is an expert at keeping us wanting more. And right now we are *dying* to know: what are these new lip colors? What is Kylie Cosmetics hiding from us?!

Giphy / Comedy Central

The photo, released on her Instagram, already has 127k likes, and 5k comments, with most people asking what colors we’re freaking out about. You know your lip colors are killer when your ~dedicated public~ freaks out before even figuring out what they’re looking at.

Because these matte lip colors could *literally be anything.

Kylie Cosmetics left us with a note of mystery.

“Can’t wait for you guys to see the 3 new mattes launching end of this month!”

The. End. Of. The. MONTH?! So we have like, weeks left to freak out. Unfortunately, we know as well as you do that we’re not going to give up until we figure out what these colors are.

Giphy / HBO