Credit: KKW Fragrance/Instagram

Calling all Kardashian enthusiasts: Kim Kardashian’s KKW Fragrance is officially headed to Ulta—just in time for the holidays. Both Kardashian and KKW Fragrance took to social media on Thursday, November 8th to announce the release, which will arrive at Ulta on November 25th. Kardashian wrote: “@kkwfragrance is coming to @ultabeauty this holiday season! My fragrances launch in all stores across the country on Sunday 11/25!”

Up until the announcement, Kardashian’s fragrance products have only been sold exclusively on the TV personality’s website. KKW Fragrance’s partnership with Ulta marks a first for the brand—the products aren’t even sold at beauty giant Sephora.

The news comes on the heels of the release of KKW Body II and III on November 2nd; the fragrances were follow-ups to her original KKW Body released in April. Leading up to KKW Body II and III’s release, KKW Fragrance teased a series of body-inclusive nude photos on Instagram. The inclusive photos were praised for showcasing components that make up real women: stretch marks, curves, belly rolls and all.

Given KKW Fragrance’s announcement photo, it looks like the Kimojis, Crystal Gardenias, and KKW Bodys will be hitting Ulta shelves come November 25th. Prices for each range from $45 to $60.

Christmas Kristmas shopping just got a lot easier.