Valentine’s Day is still over two and a half weeks away, but Kim Kardashian West has already blessed us with a thoughtful gift: she’s bringing back last year’s Valentine’s Day Kimoji Heart fragrances, Bae, Ride or Die, and BFF. But that’s not all! Kim K. is doubling the KKW Beauty Kimoji Heart fragrance lineup and adding three brand new releases.

The new perfumes are called Baddie, Wifey, and Baby Girl, and come in the same candy heart-shaped packaging as the original trio. Baddie is described as “an ultra-addictive and captivating floral fragrance,” Baby Girl is “a sultry, yet flirtatious floral citrus fragrance that glimmers with a magnetic charm,” and Wifey is “a floral gourmand scent with citrus magnolia, mimosa, and freesia notes, along with creamy musk.”

The KKW Beauty Kimoji Hearts fragrances will launch on January 31st at 12 p.m. PST (which is when the original three will be available again, too), and seeing as how they’re only $30 each, we’re sure they’ll all sell out as fast as they did the first time around.

KKW Hearts Fragrance in “Baby Girl”

Credit: KKW Beauty

Baby Girl is the floral, fruity, citrus-y scent of the bunch.

KKW Hearts Fragrance in “Baddie”

Credit: KKW Beauty

KKW says this one has “alluring top notes of sun-drenched palm leaves.”

KKW Hearts Fragrance in “Wifey”

Credit: KKW Beauty

The new gourmet scent features notes of whipped caramel and creamy musks.