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While we love looking at tattoos in the name of artistry, there’s another tat trait we adore even more: The stories behind these bodily works of art. Since getting tatted is a huge decision, it’s always fun to hear the history behind such a choice – especially when it comes to celeb tattoos.

Since celebs are in the spotlight basically 24/7, their tattoo choices are constantly on display. As a result, we’re led to wonder: Why? What’s the story behind the permanent marking we’ve been seeing in almost every magazine we come across? Kendall Jenner is the latest celeb to satisfy our thirst for this knowledge.

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Kendall’s been super careful about her tattoo placement. Maybe it’s because she’s a model or maybe it’s because she wants to maintain a bit of mystery in her life. Opting for a subtle, white ink, Jenner has been hiding her body art in between her fingers. On her website, in a blog post entitled “Tatted Up,” the 20-year-old wrote, “Right now I have two: They’re both in white ink on my two middle fingers. The one on my right hand is a full heart to represent an angel and my left is a broken heart — kind of like the devil side. Hailey and I have matching ones on the left side but hers is red.” (Now that’s some BFF commitment right there.)

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Kendall also makes sure to address older step-sister Kim Kardashian’s famous quote: “Don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.” In response, Jenner simply stated, “I really like tattoos.” Plus, Kylie appears to feel the same way. As of right now, she has three, understated red tattoos: a small heart, the word “sanity” written out phonetically, and her grandmother’s name.

Based on her tattoo conclusion, Kendall also seems to have been bitten by the tattoo bug: “I definitely want more eventually. You’ll just have to wait and see!”