Marissa Higgins
Updated Feb 15, 2018 @ 4:51 pm
Credit: kendalljenner/Instagram

When it comes to cringe-worthy beauty disasters, I think we can all share an internal shudder when it comes to thinking about our eyebrows. That’s why when Kendall Jenner shared her worst beauty disaster on her website, I knew women everywhere would feel her pain. That’s right: In her younger years, Kendall over-plucked her eyebrows until there was basically no hair left. Luckily for Kendall, an eyebrow esthetician was able to return her eyebrows to their natural state, and now she rocks eyebrows that are pretty much on fleek 24/7.

Of course, when you’re sitting in front of her bedroom mirror in middle school, plucking away and trying to achieve the perfect arch, you don’t tend to realize you’ve overdone it until you sit back and examine your entire face. And if the fall of your eighth grade was anything like mine, this meant A LOT of tears and eyebrow pencil to make things look right.

That’s a big reason why Kendall’s honesty is so refreshing: While not everyone has a beauty squad following them around (don’t we wish?) we can all still relate to beauty woes, including those of celebrities’. In a culture where so many people place emphasis on our appearance and conforming to certain standards of beauty, it can feel exhausting to upkeep your appearance and fit the current day’s definition of “beauty.” The more people who speak out about their beauty struggles, the less stigma there will be attached to people not achieving “perfection.” After all, we’re all beautiful in our own ways, whether or not we have perfect eyebrows (or eyebrows at all, for that matter!) and there’s no harm in embracing our beauty mistakes and imperfections.