This foundation hack might just help with blemishes and inflammation.

Emily Weaver
Jul 08, 2021 @ 3:19 pm
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Kate Winslet
Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage, Getty Images

Periods are the worst for a plethora of reasons. It takes some serious magic to mask the stubborn acne, redness, uneven coloring, and puffiness that goes on on our faces. But, what if we—okay, what if Kate Winslet—told you that we've found an easy solution? In her July 3rd interview with Allure magazine, the 45-year-old actress and L'Oréal Paris spokesperson spilled the tea on how she gets near-radiant skin while on her period, and it's something we can all adapt into our makeup routines. 

"At the beginning of my cycle, my skin is a lot more even," Winslet said, explaining that her skin often gets inflamed around and during her period. As her period progresses, so does the irritation on her face: "In the middle of my cycle, everything fires up a little bit," she continued. 

To help, she tweaks her makeup routine by "mix[ing] a couple of tones" of foundation to mask the inflammation and unevenness. That's it!

Although, it's all in the application, too, Winslet warns. She explained to Allure that she first dots on her foundation using a brush. Then, "she pats, presses, and blends the pigment in with the pads of her fingers to help melt it into her complexion." Obviously, she knows what she's doing here. 

While some people may switch off between a summer and winter foundation, Winslet bounces back and forth between a non-menstrual and a menstrual foundation combo. She's been practicing it for a decade, so clearly it's been working for her. However, as with any beauty tips, you'll have to see what works best on your skin—you know how your skin behaves during your period more than anyone does, so it might take some experimenting if you decide to try this.

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