Kat Von D
Credit: Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

The sneak peeks never stop if you’re Nancy McGuire, the VP of Product Development over at Kat Von D Beauty. She just teased a new sparkly case on Instagram, and we’re positively drooling over it. We can’t be sure what it is, but theories abound as we all try to figure out just what our beauty queens plan to bestow upon us next.

We only got a brief flash of the case, but thanks to the eagle eyes at Trendmood and the marvels of technology, we can see that it appears to be a palette of some kind. The gold, glimmering font is just as creative as it gets, and right up Kat Von D’s aesthetic alley.

While it could definitely be a new eyeshadow palette of the glitter variety, commenters are certain that it’s something else — something truly innovative and exciting.

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We are living for the idea that it could possibly be a Shade & Light Glimmer Palette. What would that even entail? Our imaginations are running rampant.

Credit: Nancy McGuire / Instagram

That has to say, “SHADE,” right?

Don’t get us wrong, we’d be so excited to see a glittery shadow palette, and we wouldn’t be shocked as we have seen some truly glittering swatches courtesy of Nancy this week. But let us indulge ourselves with the fantasy that it might actually be a Glimmer Palette.

What do you think it is? Or maybe the correct question is, “What do you WANT it to be?” The problem with these delightful little hints thrown our way is that we just spend the rest of the day dreaming about what it could possibly mean. We can’t help it, we’re true beauty fanatics and Kat Von D knows how to stoke the fires of our hearts.