Sammy Nickalls
May 26, 2016 1:44 pm

Nail polish can be seriously addictive. All those shades! Mattes, metallics, glitters! But the smell? Yeah, uh, not so much of a plus. However, celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi just changed the game with a gorgeous new polish that will make your hands smell good for a change, like a dreamy flower garden.

Jin Soon’s eponymous floral-scented nail polish comes in two shades: Blush (an orange-y red) and Crush (a soft pink). According to the official description, the scents are “balsam flower-inspired” and were drawn from Jin Soon’s past — “the local custom of young girls in her South Korean village” which was “the art of crushing the petals of the balsam flower into a natural nail tint.”

Each shade is a little pricier than your average bottle of nail polish at $18, but it seems pretty worth it to get your nails smelling like a South Korean spring sensation by Marc Jacobs’ favorite manicurist, TBH.

Plus, this seems a little less, uh, bizarre than KFC’s latest “finger lickin’ good” nail polish that tastes like chicken. But flower-scented nails? Yeah, that sounds more down our alley. For more of Jin Soon’s work, you can check out her Instagram here.