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It had been a while since a memoir grabbed my attention so much that before I knew it, it was 2am and I was still reading. In fact, the most unfortunate part of Jennifer Tress’s new book is the ending, which comes too soon after you breeze by several hilarious stories about her upbringing (including her exploration of sex and relationships through her drawings), a massive crush on Bon Jovi and her one act of rebellion against her parents: going to church.

However, there are moments in her book, You’re Not Pretty Enough: Extraordinary Stories From An (Un)Ordinary Life, that take us into the more serious places of a woman’s life experience. Tress shares about the day that she was sexually assaulted on the way to class while she was in college and how she braved through the incident with the support of her roommates and the community. She also hands us a proper serving of reality when we learn that even her most romantic relationships were not what they seemed, and their endings were often full of tension.

Jennifer Tress is doing more than just providing us with a memoir, she’s encouraging a movement. On her site, YoureNotPrettyEnough.com, there is a section that explains what this movement is and how it can guide people towards a more empowered self-image. You’ll find personal testimony and videos as well as the opportunity to share your own personal experiences with this feeling.

As she explains in her book, that feeling of not being pretty enough is something that has almost nothing to do with your actual physical appearance, because even those who are perceived as attractive can be made to feel that they are not. Unfortunately, the cause of this is the way people in our lives make us feel about ourselves.

Tress’s own experience with not feeling pretty enough happened when her first husband told her those stinging words and made her feel as if the responsibility lay on her for making the marriage function. We later learn that her instincts were correct when she suspected that he was being unfaithful, and even more surprisingly, she gets her answers from the most unlikely source – the other woman. This is a story you don’t want to miss as it is unexpected, stressful, and eventually healing.

I’d like to give three of you a chance to win a free copy of this new book. Here’s what you have to do:

Share about a time that you felt you weren’t pretty enough and how you overcame that feeling. What made you believe it to be true? What was the moment of enlightenment that pulled you out of it?

Good Luck!

Jennifer Tress’s book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition.

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