Printing Instagram photos is pretty hot right now, but the folks at InstaThis are doing something kinda exceptional.

You pick your material (wood or acrylic), you pick your size (prices start at $35 and only go as high as $100), upload your favorite Instagram photos (I pulled mine in high res from Webstagram from both my account and the HelloGiggles account– you can pull from anyone) and then wait until they arrive at your door in a couple weeks. Hug them, love them, hang ’em on your walls, repeat.

As much as I love my phone, I gotta say that it’s nice to see my favorite photos on my wall and not on a tiny screen. And the wood printing is a really nice, stylish touch.

BFF tip: I had photos of Sophia, Zooey and I at last year’s HelloGiggles anniversary party printed up for the three of us and I felt like a real cool friend who gives real cool gifts. Y’all should get some for your moms, too.