I bet you didn’t even need to read more than the word “cashmere” before you were sold, right? Well, read on. Yoon‘s cashmere Camille sweater is seriously one of my favourite things this season. It’s soft, it’s warm and it’s a gorgeous green colour (one of my favs). That’s good enough for me, but it’s also the perfect length for ladies like myself who want something that actually doesn’t seem to leave your midriff hanging out, which seems to be the trend lately. This one actually covers the back side, ladies!

I love the green, but you can also grab this in two different shades of blue on the Yoon NYC website here. I love this sweater so much, and it’s WAY worth the $148 price tag. Get the lady in your life (even if that’s just yourself) a special treat – you won’t regret it!