Item of the Day: Upcycled Soul Necklace from The Root Collective

I love colorful things. And I love recycled things. The Upcycled Soul Necklace from The Root Collective is both. SCORE. The necklace is made from recycled plastic (salvaged from 2 liter soda bottles) and glass. These soda bottles are collected by a recycling program established in La Limonada schools as a way to reduce waste in their community. In the slum of La Limonada, everyone is faced with the choice of paying for trash removal, or feeding their families. Obviously, there’s really no choice there. So all of the trash ends up in the middle of the ravine that the slum is built in. The recycling programs set up in local schools really help keep the waste down.

Here’s how these necklaces are made:

Also, The Root Collective allows every customer the choice of where their 10% donation will go. You simply select which of their nonprofit partners you would like to donate 10% of your purchase to, and TRC will take care of the rest.

BONUS: Gigglers can receive a 10% off discount by entering code HELLOGIGGLES at checkout. This code will expire on February 23, 2014 at 11:59PM EST so order yours today!

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