Oh, no, you guys. There is a new app that allows people to make selfie gifs. YES! You heard it correctly: Selfie Gifs!

Y’all ‘Stilly’ is about to be ALL THE RAGE! So basically, it’s a camera app. You can use your front camera to take a fun selfie or your rear camera to take a pic of… anything else. You or the camera should be moving to get the full effect. Then the app turns that photo into a cool .gif to share on tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or just to spam your friend!!

Honestly, though, the only person who loves selfies more than me is Kim Kardashian, so you KNOW I’m game for a new app that gives me an excuse to spam my friends with pics of my face. And this isn’t your lame, ole selfie, it is so much more!!

And the amazing thing: This app was launched just a few days ago, so you can bet you will be one of the first of your friends to hear about it. I’m expecting this thing to BLOW UP. So get your hands on it while it is still hipster and cool and help launch it into mainstream!!

You can download the app here. And for your viewing pleasure, a screenshot breakdown:

In the bottom, right-hand corner you can choose if you want to add a color effect (DO IT!).

Then you just start moving around and press that yellow button.

In a few seconds, you have a cool gif like this:

I call it “I Whip My Hair Back ‘n’ Forth”.

Another fun one: Spin around in a chair while hitting the button. I will let you discover that one for yourself!

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