Friday night of last week, I log into my Facebook like it’s any normal day and see what’s happening. I think to myself, “Well looky here, there’s a video. This kid looks earnest. Let’s give it a listen


Night made.

That was the first time I heard Scott James, the 17-year-old singer/songwriting wonder. Like when I first had a CrunchWrap Supreme, it’s a moment I won’t soon forget.

His first album, now available now on iTunes has received high praise. “Destinesia brings to mind the sweeping, bare-boned folk of Jeff Buckley,” says American Songwriter.

It’s that there is this delicate soul to him. A lushness and a maturity which beckons you to imagine the world is always like it is in Amelie and I cannot stop listening to it.

It might not be right to call a person an item, but when they have a voice like Scott James, exceptions must be made.

His album Destinesia is available now on iTunes.