I’m usually an Apple girl, so it might come as a shock to you that I absolutely LOVE my Samsung Note 8.0. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, and anyone who travels knows how important it is to stay connected and pack light. And this little guy does it all.

One thing I hate about traveling is lugging about some heavy computer and taking it out of my bag and putting it in the bin, etc. I know that might be utter laziness, but so what? I’m lazy. The Note 8.0 is similar in size to a Kindle and the iPad Mini, but it is super light weight. Even with a case on it, I can barely tell I’ve added it to my bag. I can easily slide it in and out of my purse and don’t have to deal with opening up my carry-on.

It has Wifi and Bluetooth. 16 GB of built in memory comes standard, but you can add up to 64 GB of memory using a memory card! It charges quickly and holds a charge for several hours, something I like when I am on the go. The charger uses a USB connection, so it doubles as a cord for your computer but is also compatible with most car chargers.

And then there are all of the apps that come STANDARD. Yeah, guys. Standard! When is the last time you bought an electronic and things were included? There is a note taking app and I’m not talking a yellow piece of paper, it is a real note taking app that has different formats and outlines. You can pick one that looks like graphing paper or conference note template, or even one that looks like a birthday card! There are so many creative options. There is even an app that looks like a planner. It is also very easy to customize screens, like the iPad and scroll around my favorite apps.

The best part? The price! I just graduated from college, so trust I know life on a budget. As much as I love Apple products, I cannot afford them on my own. The Note 8.0 is $399.99 and has expandable memory! If you are in the market for a new tablet, head on over to a retailer and try it out.! It is totally worth it!