I like to get my health on every now and again (getting better every day!), so I was pretty pumped to try Red Ace. It’s basically beet juice – in fact, one bottle has the juice equivalent of three beats. Add in a little lemon juice and you’ve got something that is not only pretty tasty, it also helps with circulation, stamina and more (and leaves a nice little red tint to your lips). Whuuuut.

From the website:

Oh, snap. I’m all about a healthy cardiovascular system. I do notice I have more energy when I have one of these in the morning, which is great – I need all the energy I can get. Plus, the bottles are glass and they can be washed out and kept, if you’re a hoarder and like tchotchkes like I do.

Read more about Red Ace on their website, where you can also purchase a case for yourself.