I’m sorry, but I am writing this post for a selfish purpose: plugging my first eBook, Ponders and Tantrums, which is a compilation of some of my favourite online pieces that I’ve written.

I have written for HelloGiggles, Our World Today and The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet. I have written on what I have know, what has inspired me and what has shocked me.

In Ponders and Tantrums, you will find my examination of girls and their obsession with perfect hair, the internet’s choke-hold, the pains of being a 20-something, good and bad TV, friendships that were, as well as the horrendous lengths we go to in an attempt to attain a ‘vogue vagina.’

You will find my 25 things to do before turning 25 list, which I wrote when I was experiencing my own quarter of a century existential crisis and my obsession with all things vintage.

Compiling my pieces for Ponders and Tantrums was easy- deciding to put it out there and share it with others has been the hard part. As every writer does, I fear rejection, I fear doubt, I fear failure. Yet not trying is the bigger fear- so I summon all my courage and I present to you my toil.

Gigglers who have read my previous work will definitely enjoy the pieces, while I hope some neophytes of my writing take a chance and discover the weird and wonderful world of my ramblings. If you do, you will be carrying a spec of my soul with you, so support this broke and sentimental writer, before she becomes a cynical and bitter being.

Ponders and Tantrums is available via Payhip. You can find it and share it here.