Messycanvas is an etsy shop run by artist Mandy Steward. She creates amazing art using mixed media on canvas. She does this very cool, entirely unique art that she calls a “Secret Message” creation. Basically, you tell her a tiny bit about yourself when you order. You can share a struggle, a favorite quote of yours, or a question you’ve been pondering. She then interprets that into a personalized message for you and incorporates it into a piece using markers, collage, paints, oils, pastels, and anything else that strikes her fancy.

Mandy describes her process, saying, “Think of me like a gypsy with a beauty mark and head scarves, a fortune teller of sorts minus the crystal ball but definitely with big hoop earrings, a shaman leaning in close and whispering to you the words you’re most looking for, so that you can have a visual representation of them ever before you.

I hope you find a message that speaks to you or to a kindred spirit. I hope it’s a message you’ve been searching for. From my soul to yours.”

Visit MessyCanvas to get your own secret message, or one for a friend!

All images via MessyCanvas on etsy.