When I was a teen I didn’t meet people on the internet – it wasn’t “safe” then (This reminds me of how my grandmother told me she used to hitchhike but it’s not safe now, which obviously doesn’t make sense but FEELS true?) – anyway, my BFF, Anna, DID meet people on the internet and she wasn’t being Catfished! Some of the people we came to meet through her internet friends were in a band called Second Saturday (definitely give it a listen! Also this.), based in Nashville.

Anyway, the point is, now I meet lots of people from the internet (safely) and I’m so grateful for my first internet friends. One of them was Wyatt Funderburk. (If that name doesn’t make you want to listen to anything he’s singing then I don’t know what to do with you.)

Wyatt has released an album of songs and they’re all delightful. Wyatt is how I learned about the distinction “power pop” and I’ve never looked back.

Just take a look at the video for “Love Will Lead the Way.”

Buy Novel and Profane digitally. Or pre-order the album which comes out October 15th here.