Bold colors are my jam. Just like George Costanza would drape himself in velvet 24/7 if he could, I strive to blind the general public with loud and fantastic color combos. Nails, rings, bracelets, shirts, dresses, shoes, you name it. It’s one of the many reasons I think Nicki Minaj and I could be besties.

So when I saw this Carved Jade Cuff from Noonday Collection, I knew it would fit perfectly in my style world. Even if you keep your colors on the tamer side (maybe one or two bright colors per outfit like a normal person), this is a great statement piece that would look great with darker colors or subtle prints.

And coming from a company like Noonday Collection, I knew the purchase was a smart one. Noonday uses the creative design talents of artisans in impoverished communities to bring unique items to its customers.

Order your soon-to-be favorite accessory here.