Item of the Day: NASA’s Spot The Station

You know those moments where you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed and you’re like, “Man! Space is so cool. Why don’t I ever know about cool space things until they’ve already happened?” Well, prepare to be in the know.

NASA’s Spot the Station is a service that will send you an email or text to let you know the International Space Station is going to pass over your house. Just provide your location (it’s international!), decide if you want to get alerts in the mornings or evenings (or both!) and you’re all set. Every week, the good people at Mission Control send sighting notifications for 4,600 locations around the world.

When you know what to look for, it’s not difficult to find: the International Space Station is the third brightest object in the sky, after the sun and the moon.

Featured image via ShutterStock