MaryBeth Perrin
Updated February 11, 2014

Remember those rad spoon rings we all had in the ’90s? They are back and I couldn’t be happier about it. Lady and Maker is the online shop of Portland couple Sammi and Matt and their shop cat, Stacks.

Born of romance it all started when Matt made Sammi a spoon ring because she’s always loved them. Not one to just go buy one he did a little research and found that “…in England as early as the 17th century servants were re-purposing (stolen) silverware as a way to put a wedding band on their wives’ hand. Spoon rings have managed to claim different meanings over the years, but will forever remain a beautiful and practical way of crafting jewelry. They even have dinglehopper rings! (My ‘Little Mermaid’ fans totally get this.)

The whole shop is great and has some ideas for original couples’ gifts that won’t make you gag.

This month they are having a special Valentine’s day offer for HelloGiggles readers. Simply enter the code HGLOVE til February 28th and your shipping is free on all orders. FREE!!

Me? I’m getting these mugs for Saturday morning Irish coffees on the couch.