If there’s one thing I love in life – especially on cold autumn mornings – it’s toast. Now that I don’t eat wheat and/or any grains, I have to get creative, but I found a recipe for a ‘bread’ that toasts up delicious with some sugar-free jam and loads of butter. However, great toast means you need a great toaster, and that’s where the Krups Silver Art comes in.

When I was a broke college kid, I was lucky to have a $10 toaster from the sale rack at Target, but once I got a bit more money put away and decided to invest in some decent household items, a proper toaster was at the top of my list. The $89 price tag might seem hefty, but believe me, this appliance is a thing of wonder. It toasts evenly, nice and brown AND doesn’t take like, six hours (which I feel most cheapo toasters do – like, good luck getting your toast before lunch time). Plus it comes with a bun warmer, which I’ve only used once but is an awesome invention in theory.

If you need some more stats, how about this: it toasts all different sizes of bread (so even that thick cut stuff you buy at your fancy bakery will go in), has a removable crumb tray for easy emptying and six different brownness settings. Love it!

If you care as deeply and intimately about the state of your toast as I do, do yourself a favour and pick this up. Christmas is coming, and you deserve a bit of luxury.