Like all ladies (and many gents), I enjoy a bit of luxury from time to time, particularly if it’s for an item that I’m going to use on a daily basis. I’m not super girly, but I do carry a bag and while I love my cheap H&M/Forever21 jump offs, I figured it was time to upgrade. That’s where the Kelly Moore Chapel Convertible bag comes in. It’s a backpack for grownups! People tend to look at me a little funny when I’m walking around with my acid wash denim bookbag, but with this, I get all the functionality in a more mature package – plus it can turn into a regular bag, too. BOMB!

It’s faux leather (vegan friendly!), fully padded and has a nice little compartment for your iPad or whatever else you want to shove in it – there are five exterior pockets! Plus, if you’re into photography, this thing can fit a full camera and extended lens and you can wear it while shooting. My extent of picture taking end on my iPhone portraits of what I made for dinner, but you know!

At $229, it’s an absolute deal – this thing is going to last forever, I swear. Even being dragged around the subway, carrying my groceries home, being thrown on my floor when I’m too lazy to hang it up on the door hook… it still looks brand new. Grab yours here at and thank me later.