Don’t you just LOVE the things you find on Etsy? Katie Wohl sells art inspired by New Orleans. Honestly: check out this shop. Everything is dope and I want to buy it all.

I had the benefit of trying one of her newer iPhone case designs. As you can see above, it is a zig-zaggy, tribal design in pink, green and taupe. It’s a Case-mate case, so you know it is quality. It snaps on the back and comes around the edges, but doesn’t cover the front of the phone. It is made of hard plastic but has a softer bumper on the inside, protecting the back of the phone.

I love it so far. I have been getting so many compliments. Because it is from Etsy, not many people are walking around with the same design. So it is cool knowing my iPhone case is making a statement. I can’t 100% attest to its protection, as I haven’t dropped my phone or anything. However, I’m not usually gentle with my phone. It gets thrown around a lot in my various purses or in my car. And so far, there hasn’t been any damage with the case on.

Katie’s cases are $36, which I think is really reasonable considering what you pay at other stores. She makes cases for the 5, 4, 4s and 3G. YEAH GUYS. Who else do you know still making cases for the 3G? And it doesn’t stop there. Her Etsy page features cute prints from under $6, as well as some more expensive original artwork, and some holiday greeting cards & ornaments. I know I will be hitting up this page when I move into my new apartment next month.

So check out Katy Wohl’s page here! And start shopping. But be warned: it gets addictive!