When I was a ‘90s kid, I had clear sparkle jelly sandals… and pink jellies and probably a red and blue pair, too. It was a mandatory wardrobe staple of spring and summer. I’m sure all my ladies, and some fellas, know what I’m talking about. Well, fear not, ’80s/’90s kids: the jelly sandal has returned!

The Jelly Beans squad has given us our youth back! Since 2011, they have been selling jellies made from recycled PVC in an array of creatively-named colors. They retail for just under $40 and are PERFECT for the upcoming seasons!

This weekend I wore my jellies to the beach. To be honest, I was worried they would hurt or cut up my feet. But they are SO comfortable and flexible! They move with you and felt more supportive than most sandals I’ve worn. And they were perfect for the water/sand combo I was working with. Not to mention: THEY’RE AWESOME! The amount of people who stopped me to ask where I got them was crazy! I mean, who doesn’t want a slice of their childhood back?

Head on over to and order yourself a pair before your friends catch on to the trend!! I picked red, but will probably be replacing the clear, sparkly jelly sandals from my past…and the pink and blue ones, too.