In the fall of 2006, GOOD Magazine launched its first issue with a cover of a do-it-yourself personal manifesto that stated “____ like you give a damn.” The essence of the message was to encourage people to become more involved and engaged in society and leave any apathy behind. “‘Good’ used to be a soft word. It was a fringe idea. Almost a pejorative. But we thought ‘good’ was sexy and amazing and we wanted to recast it in that light,” Co-Founder and Creative Director Casey Caplowe says.

As time went on, GOOD encouraged not only individuals, but also businesses to do good. They shined a light on the social entrepreneurships, artists, creative ventures and local organizations that were integrating environmentalism, LGBTQ rights, animal activism and local or global causes into their work. And, through the magazine, they connected these good-doers. When “doing good” started becoming more mainstream through television and the web, GOOD took a big step of taking a break from the magazine so that they could focus on the re-launch of their website as a social network for social good on, creating a community that could interact and take action over shared interests in various social causes.

So why has GOOD returned to print after a six-month break? Quoting Head of Programming and Editorial Director Joshua Neuman, Caplowe says, “‘A good magazine is a manifesto for a community,’ and I think that this issue can do that in a way that few things can.” With a creative cover by long-time GOOD-collaborator Oliver Munday that hacks the word “Good” to say “Go Do”, toolkits on how to throw a perfect scavenger hunt, suggestions on how to take action in a constructive way, and an insert of a Frank Chimero poster that you can tear out to show you’re celebrating GOOD’s holiday Neighborday on April 27, Issue 28 is visually and verbally playful. It’s a magazine that will inspire you to not just read and absorb interesting information, but actually go do after you learn. If you’d like to take part in GOOD, you can order Issue 28 with a 20 percent discount, using the code giggles20, or order an annual subscription for only $25.