Item of the Day: Ginny's Guide to a Dog's Life

Dogs can be more than cute and cuddly creatures who are the most lovable pets around. Indeed, they can also be lifestyle gurus. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to Ginny and the book she’s written with help of the human Chelsea England, Ginny’s Guide to a Dog’s Life. It’s filled with over 60 tips to help a pooch live his or her life to the fullest, accompanied by photos of Ginny in all her Jack Russell glory putting these techniques into adorable practice.

If you were ever wondering why your dog feels the need to shake dirty bath water all over you when you’re just trying to give them a good scrubbing, Ginny’s got the answers. Obviously, it’s to show us piddling humans who’s the boss. The dog is always boss. I mean, we cater to their every whim, stuff them with treats, and follow in their paw-steps picking up their poop on walks. If that doesn’t spell boss then I don’t know what does.

And there are tips that can even translate to our own busy lives. Ginny explains the daily dog struggle of tiredness brought on by extreme cuteness. The only remedy is to fall asleep whenever and wherever you want to. This definitely applies to me and justifies my constant urges to nap in the middle of the day.

If Ginny’s tips somehow impossibly manage to fail to interest you, just look at the precious pictures of the chubby lover in a variety of settings, costumes, and darling poses. It’s the perfect gift for any lover of dogs and/or hoarder of adorable photos of canines.

She even has her own Instagram account that’s absolutely worth a look for a daily dose of cuteness overload. Check her out!

Available for purchase from Amazon and Cico Books for $9.95.

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