Dan Levy is one of our BFFs at HelloGiggles. Actually, we have a few BFFs named Dan Levy. For now, we’re talking about Dan Levy, the host, actor, writer, entrepreneur and now EYEWEAR designer – not to be confused with Dan Levy the writer and comedian.

Anyway… this Dan has launched an incredible line of eyewear consisting of both sunglasses and optical glasses. There are 10 frames to choose from and each one is unique, special and beautiful. Dan has become somewhat synonymous with a great pair of glasses, so it makes sense that he’d take the situation into his own hands and create exactly what he’d want to wear and see other people wearing.

Dan just looks this good in glasses and also in general, which is really annoying, right?

We’ve wanted to put this up as our Item of The Day for a while and decided that now would be the best time because it’s a special time for D.L. Eyewear. Not only can you go and get one of the original glasses designed by Dan, but you can also get a limited edition pair right now.

D.L. Eyewear has partnered with Spectacle, a Toronto-based eyewear institution, in creating a series of limited edition sunglasses featuring state of the art polarized lenses.

And they’re DOPE you guys.

All of the glasses were crafted with thought and care in design as well as affordability – something we all appreciate. I don’t know how you’re all about to decide which ones to buy, because it’s an impossible choice.

It probably makes the most sense to buy two pairs (a pair of sunglasses and a pair of optical glasses) just to be safe.

“D.L. Eyewear. See With Love.”