One of my favorite hobbies is purchasing prints, then having a ton of prints that I need to get framed. I decorate in kind of a serial killer way with tons of stuff on every part of the wall so I’m basically always on the look out for new prints.

Luckily I grew up with someone who is now making gorgeous art prints of cities!

If you’re from Schenectady like we are there’s a perfect Schenectady print (which I own and have yet to get framed).

I love how Schenectady kind of looks like the shape of New York State. Get it here! (Especially for all you The Place Beyond the Pines fans!)

There are a ton of cities to choose from and the neighborhood ones you can get customized with colors on your neighborhood!

Also, also, the title is an Arrested Development reference and let me say, from experience, when you make a purchase and do other things on the site, sometimes Arrested Development GIFs come up!

Oh and Los Angeles! I seriously love them all.