Every time I leave the house, I run into the same problem. I can’t just leave my phone in my purse, I need to have it out and usually in my hand. I hate digging for my phone if it rings. I hate wondering if I’ve missed an important text or email. So it just needs to be in my hand or next to me at all times. Yeah, it’s probably an unhealthy obsession, but whatevs.

But if the phone is in my hand, it makes carrying other things a giant pain in bum. When I found Bandolier and all of their gorgeous phone cases with straps, I was in heaven. The case protects the phone and the strap allows me to stay connected, while accomplishing tasks hands-free. I can easily check my phone as needed while I’m out and about, but I don’t need to worry about juggling other bags or items I’m carrying.

They have amazing styles, and this belt buckle was my fave.

Check out their other styles, and get yours here.