It’s no secret that I have a bit of a shoe problem. Actually, when I used to buy multiple pairs of cheap shoes just because they were cute without trying them on – now that was a problem. Those days are gone though. My ongoing shoe addiction now has a strict comfy-only policy to it. And since I’ve upped my comfort standards, I have never had to sacrifice cuteness, nor should you.

The Root Collective is another fantastic brand that features handmade products by hardworking and inspirational artisans from Kenya, Peru and Guatemala. They have such adorable ballet flats, I almost bought every single color. YIKES!

Here’s more on their mission:

“We don’t know that we can change the world, but we believe that we can change the world for some. We believe that commerce is a big part of the solution to the issues of poverty. 10% of each purchase is donated back to one of our nonprofit partners working in the same communities that our artisans live. We partner with NGOs that are concentrated on programs with the goal of independence for communities. We keep the line between our artisans and customers as short as possible, and combine that with being a web-only shop to keep costs as low as we can. Our markups are low in order to keep products accessible to most.”

The best thing about The Root Collective, is that every customer can choose where their 10% donation will go. You simply select which of their nonprofit partners you would like to donate 10% of your purchase to, and they’ll take care of the rest.

I fell in love with these blue striped flats and have worn them five days in a row already! <3 <3 <3

Order yours here.