If you have a skin care regimen that you stick with year-round, I envy you. My skin just isn’t that chill. When the cold months of winter arrive, I have to drop my Proactiv 3-step system because my skin gets so dry I’m worried I’ll flake away into nothing. When summer comes, my shiny forehead goes into overdrive and I need to stock up on blotting pages. WTF, face? Why can’t you just adapt?

The days of yelling at my own face might be over though, because I think I’ve met my year-round match. ARCONA Basic Five Travel Kits are incredible, effective, and kind of delicious. I promise I didn’t eat my own skin care products, but I won’t deny being tempted. The products smell SO GOOD. There are four different kits to choose from based on your skin type (Normal, Dry, Oily, and Problem). I went with the Problem Skin Kit, because my skin is a jerk. And trying out a new skin care product is always a gamble, but when you have “problem skin”, you really have nothing to lose.

What’s great about these travel kits is that it’s a way to try out the products before committing to a regimen with large quantities. I started with the travel kit, but I’ll soon be ordering the full size bottles.

Looking for a new skin care line? ARCONA might be the one for you. Order your travel kit here and give it a try.