Samantha Kirschberg
February 04, 2014 12:00 pm

The three main places I think about things to write/get lost in my thoughts- in my bed right before sleep, while commuting on the train and in the shower.

The thing about thinking in the shower is you have to remember everything you thought of while showering and then get out to write it down. Usually, I forget half the things I thought of, which is why AquaNotes is awesome. This waterproof notepad allows me to write down notes while I’m washing my hair. Pretty cool, write? I mean, right?

“No more great ideas down the drain!” That’s their slogan- I like it. They’ve been around for a few years, but I just found out about the notepad recently. My sisters bought me it for Christmas and I was like, “How did you know I wanted this??”

When your eyes are closed and the water is dripping all around you and you get in that zone and think of the best idea ever- now you can actually write it down. Whether I’m thinking about a new HG article to write, had notes on a Pretty Little Liars episode or just need to remind myself to buy some milk at the store, I write it all down while in the shower.

You can get the notepad on amazon or on their website!