“Locked in an empty 12×12 ft room for 3 days…without sleep, just a dim light, 4 blank walls & 200 sharpies…let’s see what happens.”

Talk about a hook! This is the opener for M.C. Pinney’s Kickstarter campaign. Aside from being a super cool project (check out his video), it offers the best backing incentives I’ve seen! The $1 level fits the “budget voyeur” in all of us and $20 is perfect for the “young collector” looking to jazz up bleak apartment walls.

$1 gets you 72-hour webcast access! I am pretty sure I would spy on anyone for 72 hours, let alone a dude on a vision quest. How will he go to the bathroom? What is his snack of choice? (He’s got to snack, right?!) Will he slip in a nap? Is he a Coke or a Mountain Dew guy?

Spending a dollar is a no brainer – I mean, I pay more to add sauteed onions to my burger and that only hits the spot for like ten minutes. It’s the $20 level that gets me really excited…

$20 gets you a 6×6 in. cut from the wall artwork and webcast access!! An original piece of art for just a Jackson is a deal in and of itself, but here you get to witness its creation and be a part of the journey! (Okay, now that I type that, $20 seems like a no brainer, too!) Stories are arguably my favorite part about art, and this will surely serve as a one-of-a-kind hanging conversation piece.