Alright, you guys know by now how much I love my running shoes. I can’t help it – I feel like comfort is the most important thing in life in all senses, and my feet definitely come at the top of that list. Plus, it’s spring, which means your s**t needs to get colourful to suit the weather, so it’s the perfect excuse to splash out on some new sneakers, right?

I’m a massive Nike fan – I know that doesn’t make me unique or anything, because everyone loves Nike, but still. They just make such quality products that I can’t help myself. Also, I discovered Six:02, a performance shopping site that – HELLO! – offers free shipping. So when I found they were selling the Nike 3.0 V5s in this AMAZING fuschia colour, that was it. Done for.

I’m actually wearing these sneakers right now as I write this, and if my phone wasn’t on the charger, I’d take a picture to upload and show you. They are adorable. They fit really well on my feet, provide tons of support and are comfortable to wear all day. I sometimes forget I’m wearing them.

Not much more to say besides that – they pretty much sell themselves, I think. Head over to Six:02 and grab yours for $114.99 – plus, if you check the homepage, there’s a discount code for $10 off any order over $30. SCORE.