You know that thing where you walk into a nail salon and they tell you to “choose your color” and all of a sudden everything goes black and you start sweating and you JUST DON’T KNOW and you pick up several wildly different shades (midnight blue! fuchsia! glittery brown!) and you put them down and you start having an identity crisis or maybe you just feel so bored with yourself and then you finally choose a color and place it on the manicurist’s table and then stare at it the whole time they are prepping your cuticles thinking, “ARGH, I’VE MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE. THAT COLOR IS WRONG.”*

Well, we here at HelloGiggles are here to tell you that the best nail colors to get right this second (we just decided this in the office so it’s very scientific and official) are grassy green, gold and coral and you can get them all in this handy little set for just $14 (on sale from $24!).

*It is quite possible that this only happens to me because I am crazy (and indecisive).